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#1 2015-06-22 20:28:34

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Can I force or change an upload date

I am importing a bunch of photos from a different IMS and would like to programatically set the create date and upload date as they are in the other system.  If I go to the metadata configuration in the platform, I can not change the upload date (for instance) to be editable.  If I use setMetadata to try change an upload date I get a response to say that the field is read only.  Is there any way using the API to override that setting and then to change the default date that is there to a specific date in the past?  Or alternatively, on upload, can I force the upload date to be some date in the past?

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#2 2015-07-15 17:50:23

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Re: Can I force or change an upload date

Hi Michelle,

Thanks for your question about the upload field. This particular field is a built-in, and is subject to restrictions on how it can be used. It does not allow changes to be made (essentially it's not editable), so the best approach in this situation would be to create a new metadata field (of type 'date' or 'date / time' depeding on the resolution you need), and use this to read and write values.

I hope this workaround gives you a possible way to extend the data without using the built-in field.



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