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#1 2015-08-10 21:02:27

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Is there any tracking of deleted images

We intend to develop a routine that runs periodically that will simply be looking for any changes made to a file or its metadata.  We think we can simply do a search for any records where "Last Changed" is after the routine was last run.  We are going to use this to keep external databases up to date. 

Our problem is when a file is deleted from Third Light.  Is there any sort of list anywhere that keeps a record of deleted Image references and if so, is there API access to that record?  Alternatively, is it possible to have Third Light trigger a call of some description whenever a file is deleted?


#2 2015-08-11 09:50:04

Third Light Staff
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Re: Is there any tracking of deleted images


Deleted files are moved to a recycle bin and stay there for the amount of time configured via the Configuration > Site Options > Recycle Bins > flush interval setting.

Through the API you could firstly use RecycleBin_GetDetails() to obtain the id of the current recycle bin and then use Files_GetAssetsForParent($nRecycleBinId) to see the files within it.

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