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#1 2015-10-07 16:23:15

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Embedding HD published videos


I am new to ThirdLight and I'm trying to understand how I can bring back High Definition videos to embed into a website.

So far I have uploaded a 320.1 MB (1920x1080, 2.07 megapixels) video into our Third Light IMS. To be able to then embed this video into a website my understanding is that the video first needs to be published to a URL. So to do this I selected the Download Wizard > Advanced Options > Select a Download Size = Video HD MPEG4 - 1080p > Download Now > Publish to URL.

This creates the video URL as expected and when you go to it in a browser, it starts to download the video which is 259MB and 1080p. That's fine for downloading but I want to embed the same quality video into my website. I am currently using the Files_GetStreamDetails API method which brings back mp4 and ogv URLs. However when viewing these URLs, the video quality is not High Definition (1080p). Should I be using a different API method to bring back the HD video?

I hope that makes sense. Please let me know if I need to provide any further information.

Kind Regards,


#2 2015-10-09 10:43:20

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Re: Embedding HD published videos

Hi Kartar,

The dimensions and bitrate of the streams returned from Files.GetStreamDetails are dependent on the configuration chosen on the Video Settings tab of the Site Options page.
It is possible to increase them up to 15Mbps / 1080p.

When publishing to URL, the URL returned is suitable for embedding, you could use it as a source within an HTML5 video tag.

Finally, you can use the "Share as Webpage" option. This will return a link to a page including a player with multiple streams (the same streams as Files.GetStreamDetails). By default, the template for this includes a basic header and page body, but you could trim this down to make the design more suitable for embedding as an iframe.

Kind regards,



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