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#1 2015-11-14 01:21:59

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Syntax for if in smarty

If I send a link to a container to someone who is not logged in they see a message that says "You do not have access..."  I want to change that message.  I have noticed that the label on the button is Login for this particular error.  I tracked the message down to a template called messagebox.tpl.  There is a line there that is:

{capture assign=strMessageNote}{if $strHTMLMessage != ""}{$strHTMLMessage}{else}{$strMessage|escape}{/if}{/capture}

I changed this to: 
{capture assign=strMessageNote}{if $strLinkLabel eq "Login"}{"Link label is login"}{else}{$strLinkLabel}{/if}{/capture}

Now this does change the message - it makes it "Login" which is the value of $strLinkLabel.  However my code is saying that if the value of $strlinkLabel is "Login" I should get a different message.
So obviously the syntax    {if $strLinkLabel eq "Login"}      is wrong.  I have tried without quotes, with a single quote and also all three of these options using == instead of eq.
Nothing works.
Can someone please tell me what this line should look like?  Once I can get this to work, I will go back and edit the original line to be what I need.


#2 2015-11-16 12:06:40

Third Light Staff
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Re: Syntax for if in smarty

Hi Michelle,

The value of strLinkLabel is '##LOGIN##' rather than 'Login' so changing to the following will help:
{capture assign=strMessageNote}{if $strLinkLabel eq "##LOGIN##"}{"Link label is login"}{else}{$strLinkLabel}{/if}{/capture}

##LOGIN## is a placeholder whose value is subsequently replaced with the translation for the language the templates are being displayed in.

Best Regards,


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