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#1 2016-06-17 15:22:33

Registered: 2016-06-17
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Get subfolders

I'm trying to Get the subfolders of a particular folder. Files_GetAssetsForParent successfully returns any image assets I have in that file, but not any subfolders.  I thought Folders_GetContainersForParent would Get me what I needed, but it just brings me to the parent folder of the folder I was querying.


#2 2016-06-17 15:30:57

Third Light Staff
Registered: 2013-06-06
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Re: Get subfolders


You're correct that Folders_GetContainersForParent is the method to use.

I wonder whether you misspelled the `containerId` parameter name in your call - when not specified, the default is to return the top-level folders (which sounds like the symptom you are seeing).



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