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#1 2017-06-16 14:46:14

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Folders_GetContainersForParent Pagination or limit change

It seems when running the Folders_GetContainersForParent for a container that has more than 300 sub-folders the API will only return those top 300 and then stop saying it can't handle any more results.  Is there any way to increase the limit or alternatively paginate the results?

Related but not in an obvious way, if i try to search for folders using the Folders_GetFoldersByProperty method and pass in a hash with just the 'name' key I always get a 'CONTAINER_TYPE_NOT_SPECIFIED' result, not sure what i might be missing there?



#2 2017-06-19 11:52:40

Third Light Staff
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Re: Folders_GetContainersForParent Pagination or limit change


Hi, the 300 limit doesn't sound familiar to me. Please could you copy in the response you get from the server, obfuscating anything sensitive if need be?

For GetFoldersByProperty() you need to supply a "type" field in the "properties" hash. See excerpt from the docs below.

Best wishes, Ben

Folder Types

Folder types can be specified individually using the following (case insensitive) tags:

  • "FOLDER"




In addition (when appropriate), they can be specified as an array of these values, or the special type "ALL", which is treated as


For backwards-compatibility, "smartFolder" is also supported.
Numeric types are also supported, but it is discouraged to hard code these values.


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