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#1 2018-06-02 18:35:56

Registered: 2017-06-13
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Upload files with MetaData


I have been able to successfully create and upload the file, but I am not able to upload metaData with them. I do not get any errors with this code, but the caption keeps inheriting the folders caption with no indication that it is being changed. Can someone tell me what I might be missing? Also would it be possible to show me the correct way to do default metadata in the CreateUpload post?

Create Upload:

	"apiVersion": "1.0", 
	"action": "upload.CreateUpload", 
	"sessionId": "BSh9HSj2WOlGruZuuZbCkHMyHrqH71g6", 
	"inParams": { 
		"params": { 
			"destination": 48803480387, 
			"synchronous": false, 
			"lifetimemax": 120,
			"editablemetadata": { 
				"caption": "OPTIONAL" 

Add Files To Upload:

"apiVersion": "1.0", 
	"action": "upload.AddFilesToUpload", 
	"sessionId": "BSh9HSj2WOlGruZuuZbCkHMyHrqH71g6", 
	"inParams": { 
			"uploadKey": "bCoebaV0prxbA_Zb1H0rG",
			"fileData": {
					"encoding": "base64",
					"name": "Testing",
					"metaData": {
						"caption": "Testing MetaData"
					"data": "[encoded data]"  



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