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#1 2020-04-29 13:39:16

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Retrieving ids and other details from the JavaScript console

Save time by using your browser's JS console to lookup the details of various elements within your Chorus site via the Internal API. These convenience functions can help to find the ids of items that need to be passed as arguments to the REST API endpoints.

Here are a few examples:

1) Returning the GUID of the current location you have browsed to within Chorus


This returns a value similar to the following:


2) Display the details of a selected space, folder or file

Return details of the first item selected:


The long version of chorus.asset but will log an array of details for the entire selection:


Return just the guid(s) of the selection:


Show details of the selected GUID:


In the output returned id refers to the GUID and reference is the value display on the file preview page of an asset

3) Display the details of all the containers within a parent space

chorus.m.Folders.GetContainersForParent({containerId: "<guid>"});

4) Display the details of the user account currently logged into the browser


Individual details can be retrieved like this



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