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Adding extra pages

Adding pages

Using templates, it is possible to add more pages into IMS using a purpose-built script called page.tlx

The process of calling page.tlx is as follows:


The extra files are uploaded to IMS from the following page:

Configuration > Themes & Languages > Edit theme > Extra Files > Choose file

The following example describes how to add a custom user guide document that can be reached from a link next to the logout button.

1) Create a file called help.tpl


This is a basic help file


2) Upload it via this page:

Configuration > Themes & Languages > Edit theme > Extra Files > Choose file

3) Give the page an id through which it can be referenced:

Configuration > Themes & Languages > Edit theme > Templates > Top Level Web Templates > page

{include file="imsfile:header.tpl"}

{if $ == "help"}
    {include file="help.tpl"}

{include file="imsfile:footer.tpl"}

4) Check that the new page can be reached by typing this URL into the browser's address bar:


5) Edit the header template to add a clickable link to the help file:

Configuration > Themes & Languages > Edit theme > Templates > Child templates, included by top level templates > header > header_common

Locate the line containing the ##CONTACT_US## language translation place holder and create a new line beneath it:

{if $IMS_PA || $IMS_USER.singleusertype}<div class="headerDetail" id="userGuide"><a href="page.tlx?id=help">##USER_GUIDE##</a></div>{/if}

Save using the 'Save Changes' button on the left hand side.

6) Now click the text '##USER_GUIDE##' translation placeholder and this will take you to a page where you can add the translation string. Enter for example 'User Guide'.

7) Now refresh the page. At the top left of the screen, a new link called 'User Guide' should be displayed next to the logout button.


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