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#1 2021-09-24 13:45:16

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Dynamic resizing via url

We've created a implementation of the CMS browser to feed Chorus stored images into Kentico CMS this work well in that we can get a url into and stored in the cms. However we would like the url to be dynamically resizeable in the same way it works with images native to Kentico's media library system. i.e. image.jpg?width=400 returns an aspect correct version of the image at 400px wide. This allows us to link a single image for a content element and dynamically resize based on the responsive view or usage - i.e. image.jpg?width=200 for a thumbnail, image.jpg?width=400 mobile and image.jpg?width=800. We've looked at the REST api method to get a directurl with width properties set but that relies on a call to the api each time an image is loaded to get the correct size version or creating and storing each of the sizes and picking the one we need at a time.

Is it possible to have dynamic resizing urls in Chorus?



#2 2021-09-27 09:49:17

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Re: Dynamic resizing via url

Hi Paul,

I am afraid it’s not possible to have dynamic resizing urls in Chorus as for security reasons we don’t allow to change URL parameters on client side.

I suggest to choose your responsive sizes to maximise the cache hit rate and the net performance of the page, store multiple URLs and select the best option to show when needed.

You may also try using GET /rest/v1/files/{fileId} and use our thumbnail URLs for different sizes, but these URLs are not persistent, whereas Direct URLs are permanent.



#3 2022-12-09 17:35:28

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Re: Dynamic resizing via url

Can you please explain what did you mean by "thumbnail URLs are not persistent" in the previous reply? Do these URLs are not stored in Chorus system, or they may become invalid after some time?


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