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#1 2014-05-08 11:46:07

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Creating an inner navigation using the API

I've used the thirdlight API to build an image gallery populating it from a smart folder in our collection. In the created gallery each image gets it's own single page. At the moment, if a user is on an image page, he needs to go back to the main gallery page in order to access another image. I would like to implement a simple inner page navigation system with a "Next" and "Previous" links on each image page. Looking at the API, I couldn't find such a method, and I do not wish to call the entire collection on each single page to return the next and previous image IDs.
Any idea on how could I accomplish this?



#2 2014-05-08 12:14:31

Third Light Staff
From: Third Light
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Re: Creating an inner navigation using the API

Hi Nick,
There isn't an API method that will return next/previous given a particular asset and container. So, I think you will need to cache the list and use that to find the next and previous. You could do this on your own server on maybe in the browser using local storage.



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