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#1 2015-01-21 00:37:01

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Fetching AssetIDs on a large upload

We have staff who upload batches of photos to TL, then we need to access particular photos from SQL reports built into other applications.  Is there an easy way to programmatically retrieve the photoIDs at load time so we can add those to another database for reference.  My thought is that we need to run an API, either in the form of our own loader or after running the standard loader, that will figure out what the Asset ID is for each photo and create some sort of “Buffer” table in our SQL that will be used to store the assetID and link it back to the image name.  Any advice or pointer on how to accomplish this external linkage will be appreciated.  Basically I need some sort of output on loading or just after loading that will give me details of the assetID created in Third Light.  (A single upload will contain thousands of photos.)  It is not practical to use third light to hold all our data as the database that keeps the data associated with a photo is large and is linked to other databases so that a number of applications can display the same photos.  A secondary question is:  just how slow would such an API be if compared to a simple fileserver copy from one folder to another?


#2 2015-01-21 13:04:40

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Re: Fetching AssetIDs on a large upload

Hi Mydyason,

There is a piece of advice on another forum post that might help you here: … .php?id=17

"IMS file references are not returned when using POST but blocking is supported until the file is sucessfully imported. Using uploadKey returned by CreateUpload() you can then call GetUploadResult to obtain file references"

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