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#1 2015-03-13 15:45:21

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Custom help pages


We'd like to implement custom help / documentation pages to make it more relevant to our client.  I guess there are two parts to this:

1. Help > Documentation menu option          and
2. The context sensitive '?' help logo which appears under the search bar

For 1, I can see where to change the label text in Languages > menu.structure but can't work out how to change the URL to which the menu item points.
For 2, I can't where the documentationLink variable is set - or if this isn't possible, to turn off the context sensitive help and get them to use main documentation

Any help on how to change the help URLs for these would be much appreciated...




#2 2015-03-19 17:33:43

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Re: Custom help pages


There are some notes here which may be of interest: … m+menus+v6

If you want to add custom pages (possibly outside of the menu context), you might also like to see this: … .php?id=24

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