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#1 2016-01-26 18:12:25

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Upload images to folders not working


I'm developing a system for my client(Historic Images) to automatically upload pictures from a system to the DAM.
I've tested this with "Upload_CreateUpload" and Upload_AddFilesToUpload in synchronous mode. Also uploading through the application(from my browser) to the DAM worked yesterday but today uploading from the application to the same folder, the same file   takes forever to finish(the upload bar stretches to 100% but doesn't go completely green, meaning that id doesn't finish processing the file). I tried with different images and the same behaviour.

Today when i call Upload_AddFilesToUpload i always get this response "Array ( [result] => Array ( [api] => OK [action] => FILE_UPLOAD_FAILED ) ) ".
What could hinder uploading to a file.
I checked rights for the user i am suing and nothing changed from yesterday.

Can there be another user doing something with the app(start an upload transaction or something) that hinders me to upload files to a folder?



#2 2016-02-02 14:24:48

Third Light Staff
From: Third Light
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Re: Upload images to folders not working


Apologies for the delay in replying. The FILE_UPLOAD_FAILED response might indicate some problem with the size of file, or a problem with the file format. Does this happen with a particular file, or any  file you try to upload? What sort of size are the files and what format? Do you get the same error with a simple 1MB JPG?

Best wishes


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