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#1 2016-09-22 10:33:10

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How to create API Bridge

I will need to create an API bridge to copy some assets across from the IMS storage to a storage bucket in Microsoft Azure. I will also want to talk across some metadata I think. I note that you can fetch file using a URL path ending in /IMSreference number. When I a video asset - lets give it a filename TEST.mp4 - how is it stored on-system? Is it stored by replacing the filename with the IMS Reference number? Or is it in a folder? The reason I ask is that I might have ten files, all different, but with the same filename TEST.mp4. How does the system know that the right file is recovered when using a fetch file URL? At the very heart of this is the question “what filename is it stored as” and “how is it stored if there are multiple clips with the same filename”?  I assume the answer is that files fetch uses the IMS unique reference number, but I'm not sure this would provide Warwick with the solution he requires, by which I mean is is feasible, using file fetch and the API, to "to copy some assets across from the IMS storage to a storage bucket in Microsoft Azure." ?


#2 2016-09-22 14:15:59

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Re: How to create API Bridge


The file fetch system uses the IMS reference number, i.e.:<asset id>

The other way to do it is with publishing, which allows you to control what to you get in more detail before obtaining a unique URL. That gives you URLs like this:

The approach I would use based on your comments is to get the file as a download via the JSON API. If you're doing some interesting integration (sounds like you are!) then the API is the best option in terms of flexibility for your coding.

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