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#1 2017-06-02 11:59:13

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Amending folder colours

I have recently created a new template due to brand refresh, however the folders display in red, yellow and blue, which I would like to change. Can anyone advise how I can do this please?


#2 2017-06-13 09:49:55

Third Light Staff
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Re: Amending folder colours

Hi Elspeth, this would be a little involved to do, and in some cases impossible as the graphic is hardcoded in to the code.

Places where different colour folder icons are used:
- Small icons in the actions menu for the actions to create new folders/smart-folders/collections - possible to change by editing CSS templates
- "Icon" view - graphics used for empty folders/smart-folders/collections - possible to change with a template edit.
- "Tree" view on the folder listing - not possible to change as these icons are hard coded

If you would like details on the "possible-to-change" ones then let me know.

Best wishes,


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