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#1 2019-01-15 12:06:42

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ThirdLight Browser customization


Is there any way to customize the look & feel & behavior of the ThirdLight Browser, with the exception of colors, manageable by themes?

Some options are introduced in the documentation. I've tested them. they seem not to address my needs. … ht+Browser

Because some of our images are very similar, my need is to display statically on each image or dynamically, when the mouse enter the image's box, the name (filename or caption) of an image and its size in pixels (as a Title on img HTML tag).
By the way, is there any way to run a script attached to a load event on the iframe that shows the ThirdLight Browser ? Or a way to attach a callback to each image load?
(Browser iframe's parent window is using jQuery, and some automation can be done using the JSON api, but I looking for someting "standard" with ThirdLight).

Well, I know that by using the API it's possible to rewrite the entire ThirdLight browser, but I'm trying to save myself!

Any idea would be great !
Thank's a lot.

(my ThirdLight version is 6.2.3-7)


#2 2019-01-17 11:04:58

Third Light Staff
From: Third Light
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Re: ThirdLight Browser customization

Hi François,

Unfortunately the answer is no - there is no exposed functionality to customise the Third Light Browser in those ways.



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