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#1 2019-06-12 15:25:17

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Transferring a theme from one Chorus site to another

If you manage multiple Chorus sites you may wish to develop a published link theme on one site and then make it available to other sites. The following method provides an example of the process:

1) It is assumed that you already have a customised theme on a Chorus site e.g.

2) Create a new published link theme via the Chorus UI on the new Chorus site e.g

Admin > Link Themes > New

3) Checkout a local copy of the theme from the original site

git clone

4) Enter the workspace of the theme from the original site and run the following:

git remote add newsite <git_URL_of_newsite>

5) Overwrite the old theme with the new theme:

git push newsite master -f

6) Publish a link on the second site and you should see that this is done with the theme created on the original site

Select file > Share as Link > Populate link name and select the new theme

7) From this point you can make further changes from either site:

a) From the original site:

git push newsite master

b) From the new site:

git push orig master

Please note that this process will not transfer the default colours selected through the Chorus UI but you can achieve the same effect by altering the customColors section in the settings.json file within your theme:

        "customColors": [
                { "name": "base-color", "displayName": "Base Color", "default": "#EEE" },
                { "name": "highlight-color", "displayName": "Highlight Color", "default": "#303b49" }


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