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#1 2019-10-22 17:15:06

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Middleware script to call and process images

I'm looking for a quote to create a middleware script/app that can use a submitted csv or GUI interface to call Chorus images by a unique metadata field attached to each image, process the requested images to a specific image size (custom crop), rename the customized image assets using the text in the original unique field, and post the customized images to a given server location. These new customized images should only be posted to the external server and should not affect the original Chorus master images.

Essentially, we're hoping the images we already have on Chorus can be used to support our internal MDM product management software. Our master images on Chorus are too large for the MDM and it requires the files be named in a partnumber_style_colorway_angle encoded number format that only makes sense to the MDM.

#1 - Is this even possible with the current Chorus API?
#2 - If so, can you give me a quote on what you think this sort of coding might cost?

Thanks for your consideration.

Rob Larkins

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#2 2019-10-22 19:59:38

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Re: Middleware script to call and process images

Hi Rob,

No probem. Chorus can provide the image manipulation to give us the file in the size and format you want, and we can construct a file name out of a metadata field with a second API lookup. The posting onwards of the image via HTTP or HTTPS is fine (how many do you want at once!).

I'll drop you a note to discuss this.

Best wishes


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