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#1 2022-12-09 17:02:45

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Login user into Chrous UI using Impersonate REST API

We have eCommerce Portal (non-chorus) where our customers login. We also have the same customers setup to access Chorus.
We want to implement ability to log user into Chrous from our eCommerce portal.

Currently, we do not have SSO (Identity Provider), so we cannot use it.

Can we use /rest/v1/auth/impersonate/byemail API to generate a session ID and use it to navigate customer from our eCommerce portal into Chorus platform?
If yes, how do we use the Session ID to pass onto Chorus UI/portal?

Thank you.


#2 2023-01-24 11:53:59

Third Light Staff
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Re: Login user into Chrous UI using Impersonate REST API


1) /rest/v1/auth/impersonate/byemail will return as sessionID in the response and subsequent requests should state this ID in the 'X-Chorus-Session' header.

In reference to additional questions you posted elsewhere:

2) Does Search REST API allow to lookup items by the Metadata tag and value; or based on last update dates?
A) Depending upon your use case, you might want to create a smart collection through the web interface (e.g. searching for files uploaded or changed in the last 7 days) and then use the API to inspect its contents.

3) Does search REST API make distinction between published items?
A) No, as per 2), it isn't possible to filter by specific criteria. Smart collections in the UI also do not offer a published status filter so you would need to iterate through sets of files to find the published ones.

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